This website follows the pedagogical explorations of Benjamin Santiago.
I am currently an Assistant Professor at Purchase College, SUNY, and have previously taught at CUNY Queens College.

︎Fall 2023︎

Interactive and Experience Design

(DES3090) CRN: 43429
VAB1018A & VAB1026
Mon., 02:30PM - 06:20PM

Community Design

(DES4100) CRN: 45257
VAB1018B & VAB1026
Tues., 12:30PM - 04:20PM

Senior Project I & II

(Course numbers vary by school)
Times and room by appointment

General Resources


I will see either email on my phone. If you don’t get a response within 24 hrs., or need a follow-up that wasn’t answered please do not hesitate (at all) to follow-up and make sure you get what information or feedback that you need.  Please CC both emails if there is any urgency on your end as there are occasionally IT-related issues with Purchase email. 

︎(516) 592-1375You can text or call me directly; please give me a heads up or let me know who you are if I don’t have your number. I will generally pick up unless your number is from Lithuania or something.
︎ (Office hours)
Open Office Ours”︎︎︎ Wed. (12PM - 2PM) I will set up in my office (VAB 2025) and be there during this time period.  If you need to meet up at another time please email me to set up an appointment.

Background︎︎︎ is various prompts created with RunwayML︎︎︎. Similar to, or based on “A camera pans across classroom full of aliens sitting in a friendly, neutrally lit classroom. The aliens are similar to humans except they have pink skin and antennae. Shot on DSLR video. No depth of field. In the style of Star Trek: The Next Generation.