Extra Credit Policy

You should have some clarity about your grade from getting grades from individual projects, if you are concerned about the trajectory of your grade, you can talk to me (as always) but you can also do extra credit whenever you want. 

Any readings or videos we talk about are up for grabs for extra credit. Here are some examples of designed responses that are good. This doesn’t mean they need to look like these, just to get the juices flowin’. Some of these are part of the critique process at Cranbrook, you can see more on their instagram here.

You do not have to ask me for a prompt for an extra credit. You’re welcome to if you want ︎, but the point is that you don’t have to ask for permission. Any person, or piece of writing, or video we discuss in class you can make a designed response to. It can be a poster, a booklet, an animation, a .gif. If there is significant writing, it should be at least 500 words.

Do not, for your own development as a maker of things, give me a doublespaced essay, written in a dry academic way. Write how you talk, give me your hottest take, in your voice. This is not a book report, this is a piece to potentially supplement your portfolio.