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Fall 2023 ︎︎︎Purchase College, SUNY ︎︎︎ (DES4100) Community Design

Schedule & whiteboards

“A series of dominos falling in a sequence in a colorful room with a person crouching nearby. In the style of B-Robo Kabutack or Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack. Shot on film from the 1990's” prompt via RunwayML


  • Introduction & Expectations
  • Meeting with Jack Tamburri @ 1:30PM
  • Introduction to Graphic Design Instagram
  • Introduction to Psychology Consultants Project
  • HW︎︎︎
    • Work on Theatre Conservatory Project (GINT)
    • Work on Psychology Consultants Project
    • Work on Graphic Design Instagram
    • Show ‘n’ Tell︎︎︎Kiki, Victoria, Jacqueline