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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ (ARTS241) Design 1

New Rules for Class & Projects


So my overarching goals for the class are the following
    • Students can produce compelling and interesting single images (i.e. posters), that combine type and imagery.
    • Students submit work in a timely manner.

One cannot exist without the other and the latter was I thought, and implicit component of the “contract” of being part of taking part in an academic environment; creative or otherwise. This particular class we are not achieving either of those things and we have to correct that. To that end the class, its projects and how work is submitted will be restructured to facilitate this understanding.

How it will work

Please note that this is not retroactive this is for the current project and going forward.
    • Once there are no questions, all review of project requirements will need at least three people to confirm in the chat or through audio that they understand the terms of the project and what is to be delivered.
    • Each project will have distinct deliverables every week. You must upload your progress to the spreadsheet every week by 4PM each week. I will download everything in the folder before class at this time.
    • If you are having an issue with completing work for class, please communicate with me before class.
    • Each deliverable in the assignment will count as a separate project for which you will receive a grade.
    • If you do not upload your progress on a given deliverable you will receive a 0 (zero) for the project. 
    • Do not work on projects in class, use class time for contributing to discussions. To this end, if your project is uploaded or created (how this timestamp is labeled is different depending on the service) after the start of class (6PM) will receive a 0(zero) for the project. 
    • Work uploaded after class (9:50PM, though this may vary depending on when people are dismissed) will lose 10 (ten) points.

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