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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ Design 1


Spreadsheet to place links for submitted assignments︎

Submitting Work

    • Find your name and the given project’s name, then insert the link in the appropriate area in the spreadsheet. 
    • Insert a link by highlighting the text (it should say “link”) and then going to the menu: Insert ︎︎︎Insert Link ︎︎︎then paste your link. into the box that appears in the area that says “link”
    • Alternatively, you can press CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) + K when the text is highlighted.
    • Please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions for your folder. If you are in Google Drive, when you go to share the link, make sure that anyone with the link has the ability to view the files.

Just to be super clear, do not, ever, send me an assignment as an attachment in an email. It will not count as submitted!

File and folder naming conventions

Name your folders like so:
[number of class]_[your last name][your first name]_[name of project]
So the Custom Memes project folder for me, would look like this:
If you resubmit a project, create a new folder with an increased version number:

Name your files similarly, but add some context to what each file is. Something like this:
[number of class]_[your last name][your first name]_name of project]_[camel case description of individual file].[file extension]
The seventh individual meme .png file might be named like this:

I’m not going to be a stickler about things, for example if you prefer dashes, or just spaces, to underscores that’s fine. I prefer double underscores which feels like overkill a lot of the time. The point is that I can see, based on an individual file or folder, what class, student and project the file or folder relates to. I will let you know if you’re not naming files properly to an extent that it becomes an issue. The way this will manifest as detrimental to your grade in an individual assignment will be if you’re sending me files like...Untitled-1.png Please do not do that. Thanks!

Just to be super clear, do not, ever, send me an assignment as an attachment in an email. It will not count as submitted!

(Free & Affordable) Resources for Fonts

My personal collection︎Please do not use these for commercial projects without buying them. These are so that you can work with specific typefaces, compare to demo versions, or work with variable fonts.
These are free and include Glyphs files which are super helpful.
Futurefonts.xyz︎ Not free, but some fonts have demo versions, or getting in “on the ground floor” of a given typeface’s development can be super affordable.
OH No Type Co.︎A good deal of James’ work can be found on Adobe Fonts, but he also has a bunch of demo fonts available here.
Variable Fonts︎This is just a list of variable fonts. Unfortunately you cannot sort by cost/license, but there are free and open source ones scattered about.
Creative Market︎ Sometimes this feels like a weird, alternate dimension of graphic design, but people are out here. I’ve perused this a bunch and you can often find something that looks like a more expensive/popular font with some responsible searching.
The Designer’s Foundry︎ This used to be called “Ten Dollar Fonts” which is a model they’ve distanced themselves from, but still some decently affordable stuff here. Lost Type Co-op︎Some of these are pay-as-you-wish.
The League of Movable Type︎I would describe these as conventional, but well made, and free stuff here.
Google Fonts︎Free fonts here, a lot of these are fairly “conventional” but interesting stuff if you look a little deeper.

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