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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎ (DES3510) Word & Image 3

Ephemeral Ideas


Here’s some ideas to help flesh out ephemera for your grimoire/book project.

I will probably say “Adobe Dimension” a lot

I’m just really into this right now, but if you plan around render times, you can add so much value so quickly. There are great resources for mockups out there, but Adobe Dimension allows you to really customize things as well. It seems, so far like a really great imagemaking tool as well. 

I do have one note, if you don’t want to pay for Adobe Stock but you are looking for a particular resource, you get 10 assets for free but then get charged later, so try it but of course be careful about getting charged, or there might be some fine print there.

Product shots

Again, you have the ability to use Adobe Dimension to add “production value” or to make something difficult to produce in time more clear. You can also use this to match the aesthetic of your brand guideline (note you may have to adjust colors based on lights)


This starts entering UI/UX territory which is a little bit beyond the scope of the class, but try to think about things beyond the homepage
  • How do the stylistic choices made for the brand guidelines and logo play out in web form? (buttons, hierarchy, type, etc.)
  • How do web (mouse-based input) and mobile (touch-based input) differ in layout?
  • Wireframe sketches (drawings that map out the functionality of pages/buttons) are totally worth doing and good to show process.
  • More generally, think about the breadth you’d have to go into in order to describe the project to a programmer or developer.
  • Adobe Dimension has models for phones and laptops (ie you can create value
  • If you don’t already look at Dribbble, this is particularly good for stuff like this, if you just want to see what other people are doing.
  • What particular pages would be specific to your project:
    • Walkthrough of a fitness app
    • Unique components of a banking app (a new or novel type of trading for example)
    • How a subscription function works.
    • How product pages will look.
    • How a quiz to ascertain preferences would look.
    • What a confirmation email might look like.


If you are able to find/shoot photography for your project consider:
  • The bodies in your photography, do they reflect your brand goals and “mission statement”?
  • Adobe Dimension has t-shirts, backpacks, etc.
  • I’m bad at fashion but a couple of things I thought of:

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