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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎ (DES3510) Word & Image 3

Knitting Circle Grids


Below is a super simple methodology for creating grids. This is not the only way, and does not mean you need to adhere to a grid to make work successful. The “PowerPoint effect” we were experiencing, I believe was largely due to a lack of consideration of spacing. Please review the video and review Grid Systems by Josef Müller-Brockmann︎



    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 03:39 Creating guides.
    • 05:07 Creating master pages from grid.
    • 05:57 Initial type size and justification
    • 08:02 Adding space for titles in grid.
    • 14:05 Creating other master pages.
    • 18:05 populating pages with different masters.
    • 20:25 considering possible additions
    • 21:16 review.

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