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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎(DES3510) Word & Image 3

Designer, Audience, Mirror

(Long-term Brand pt. 1)


The name for this project is based on the above performance piece by Dan Graham. The mileage of your enjoyment of this video may vary, the audio is also not exceptional, but that’s beside the ultimate point. In the performance Dan Graham, sees himself and an audience in a mirror and narrates the minutae of his experience: how he’s standing, placing his hands in his pockets, etc. He’s reflecting, which you must also do for this project.


For this segment of the semester-long project, you’ll decide what kind of a brand you’d like to focus on for the rest of the semester. 

You’ll consider, a set of ideas for the company or brand itself, a set of names, and your possible audience(s). 

Note for the submission below, a designed/typeset .pdf would be ideal, however you don’t need to decide branding-related typography yet. The point being that you should really carefully consider what you want to do.

Final Submission

  • A .pdf featuring the following:
    • the name of your company,
    • the product or service it provides
    • the demographics you intend to target with it.
  • A folder containing process documentation, sketching, notes and mindmaps.

No Shuriken Mode Challenges

(Please note that, doing these do not guarantee a better grade or extra credit by any fixed or demonstrable amount, but if you’re doing or approaching these things, you’re probably doing well. The point is that, like not using shurikens in Shadow Dancer, it is more difficult, and increases your proximity to the material. All this being said don’t hurt  yourself and consider your other assignments and mental and physical health. Additionally, if you are not feeling challenged by the class or an assignment, and these suggestions are not sufficient for you, please le me know.)
    • Create a Guess Who board based on possible members of your audience.
    • Create drawings of what individual members of given demographics might look like. 
    • Create a designed mindmap based on your ideas for the project.


    • Fill stuff in ︎︎︎ If you are absolutely stumped, I’m happy to collab with you on brainstorming for some extra company details, but the finer points you are able to make up to make the project work for you.
    • Be ready to lock it in ︎︎︎ This is what you are going to work on for the rest of the semester, so choose something you’d be fine working on for the rest of the semester. If you do decide to switch ideas, note that you must re-do any previous steps and I will exercise the authority to not automatically approve every change in direction.
    • SEO is a thing ︎︎︎Especially, if you are a tech, or tech-adjacent company consider the search engine optimizability of your company or brand name, or how the company name might relate to its web address. This might include purposeful misspelling like Digg. Or searching a thesaurus or dictionary for an interesting word. Also consider that some naming conventions are trends, like ending in ly. 

Relevant Dates

    • 09/14/2020 ︎︎︎ Introduction

    • 09/21/2020 ︎︎︎ Review initial ideas

      For this class, have at least 10 different ideas, with your top 3 noted. For your top three think of 3 possible names each (9 names total), and an idea for a possible demographic for each.
    • 09/28/2020 ︎︎︎ Pair down 

    • Based on feedback, pair down your initial ideas and re-submit them. 
    • 10/05/2020 ︎︎︎ One-on-ones

      You should be effectively done here as we will introduce the next step for this project on this date.


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