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Fall 2021  ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ (DESN241) Design 1

Knitting Circle: Illustrator Icons


For our next project, we’ll create a personalized sigil. Not unlike a family crest. We’ll do this via Adobe Illustrator, as it will allow us to explore icons which will be visually, not dissimilar to logos.


Please note that this s an older screen capture

This tutorial assumes that you know

    • The basics of open, closing and saving files in Adobe Illustrator
    • Manipulating and changing layers in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial demonstrates

    • The difference between Selection (“black arrow”) and Direct Selection (“white arrow”) Tools.
    • Using the corner rounding feature of the Direct Selection Tool.
    • Copying objects (select and ALT/OPTION while dragging)
    • Using the Align & Distribute Panel
    • Pathfinder Panel
    • Repeating transformations (Ctrl / CMD + D)
    • Reflection Tool
    • Creating Clipping Masks

Going ahead (Bezier curves)

In your project, you may want to do more subtly curved objects for this you should use the Pen Tool to create what are called Bezier Curves. My understanding is that you should have some familiarity with Illustrator but it is easy to get scared or forget or whathaveyou. This is a fairly succinct tutorial about how to set up where you place your curve points in order to make smooth curves.


    • Watch this video and attempt to follow along. 
    • Prepare any questions you have for our class on 11/23 (when we’ll have a Q&A session) or message me individually if you have a burning question.
    • Recreate (and modify, if you want) the cheeseburger and ice cream cone icons demonstrated in the video.
    • Make two of your own icons in a similar methodology. As you might apply these to our next project, choose something that is personally significant to you. You can use color. (Please do not be lazy about this part, for example expand the burger to make a hoagie rather than slightly changing the patty and making a chicken sandwich). If you are unable to conceive of anything on your own: modify the burger to be come a hoagie or sub, and use a similar methodology to make a chicken drumstick.
    • Put your icons into a folder and link to the spreadsheet in the appropriate area. Export your icons as .PNG or .JPG images. Make them at least 1000px in one dimension; they need to be big enough to discern the quality of your curves/shapes. 

Relevant Dates

    • 11/16/2021 ︎︎︎ introduction

    • 11/23/2021 ︎︎︎ Q&A / “tech talk” session 

    • 11/30/2021 ︎︎︎ Final icons due

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