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Fall 2021 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎ (DES3090) Interactive & Experience Design

what’s on top of the deck?


Magic: The Gathering and many card games are based on variance; or the semi-random nature of how the cards are arranged in your deck. This leads to many unfortunate or frustrating circumstances, but also ones that are incredibly exciting:

As such, I’m instituting a new policy to help me call on folks randomly where I draw from a deck of cards you create.

This is 1 week “icebreaker” project. There are no real restrictions on this one so use this as an opportunity to show your style, what you got, etc. as latter assignments will feature significantly more restrictions. All you have to do is create a card which I can randomly pick when I need to call on folks.


    • Create a card which can be printed and used when I need to call on folks randomly.
    • Help me have something to connect to your name to help me to memorize it.
    • Show your idiosyncratic style or approach.

Final submission

    • A .PNG or .JPG of a 2.5"︎ 3.5" image at 150DPI or 300DPI. This will be 375px ︎525px or 750px︎1050px respectively for reference. 


Note that failure to meet these requirements will result in a 0 for this assignment. I’m deadass here.
    • The card image must contain your name. It does not need to be in English, but if uses letters not in the Latin alphabet (Cyrillic, Hangul, etc.) please provide one for pronunciation purposes. Please make it relatively readable.
    • The card image must contain some kind of other content: A drawing of an OC, a stylized self-portrait, a photo you like, a pattern, etc. You must create this content yourself (please at least manipulate an image; do not lazily copypasta something from Google Images).

Grading Rubric

This assignment is pass/fail; meaning you will get 100/A+ if you simply follow the requirements above. You will lose points (10 points or one full letter grade), if it is uploaded late, and an additional 10 points per week it is late.


    • The image must print out at the physical size listed above because I will be printing them out and putting them into a standard-sized card sleeve (ie the ones used for Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon). If for some reason you want to parody a Yugioh or Tarot card, that is fine but know they are typically different sizes.
    • Do you, don’t worry about me. Some people take a while to get a hold of this but show me what you’re into, what you want your work to look like, don’t try to anticipate my preference. Additionally my taste is quite bad ︎. 
    • If you are using photographs consider treating them; tastefully. People sometimes just add photographs without adjusting their contrast, adding a filter, collaging them, or something of that nature.  Here’s a couple of tutorials with different ways to stylize your images.

Relevant Dates

    • 09/02/2021 ︎︎︎Introduction!

    • 09/09/2021︎︎︎Review & Collection.


(Note that this is a new project; I do not have previous student examples, here are some cards that are cool or perhaps something to look at if you’re not sure what to do)