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Fall 2021 ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ (DESN241) Design 1

introduction to discussion: “EVery olympic emblem”

What you have to watch

(Please note this is 40-ish minutes long. I would say that it withstands being sped up quite a bit but your mileage may vary and it is not super dense.)


So as we move forward with discussions, we’ll get closer to talking about Graphic Design with capital G’s and D’s. Part of that is understanding history, and having opinions. You don’t need authority or a history class to do either of those things. 

That’s proven by the person who made this video Graham Stark. He is known for his YouTube channel “Loading Ready Run.” You may know them from “Three PS3’s” or the charity event they have where they play the game Desert Bus

The discussion will take place in 2 weeks on 11/09/2021. I will distribute a schedule and you will be required to attend at the assigned time.

How to have a good discussion

  • Watch the video (duh)
  • Examine and check in with your feelings and reactions (good/bad/indifferent)
  • Take good and clear notes that you review before the class discussion.
  • Please note that I’ve not included supplemental materials, certainly you can find more information about the famous ones. But I’d also encourage you to simply look at the content, perhaps pause, and then see how your opinion conflicts or agrees with Graham.

Questions to be ready to discuss and think about as you watch this

    • Which emblems did you like or dislike and why?
    • Did you agree wiath Graham’s opinions? Why or why not?
    • Which era or part of the world produced your favorite emblems?

What are notes?

It is fine to note your initial reactions but please make sure you extrapolate out your ideas into full sentences. For example “Wow that’s crazy!” Is not very helpful, but “The cliffhangar at the end of act 1 really heightened the stakes in the two people not being able to understand each other!” Additionally be ready to discuss said notes.

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