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Fall 2022 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎ (DES3090) Interactive & Experience Design

Downloading Processing: Instructions

  • Go to processing.org ︎︎︎ click on "Download" (should be on the homepage).
  • Install the program that downloads. Exactly how this looks is specific to your operating system but if you’re unfamiliar with this process let me know.
  • Open the program ︎︎︎ when you do so, in the upper right corner of the window text should say "Java." click on this.
  • There should be an option to "manage modes." click this
  • A new window should appear, a list of options are there, one of them should be "Python Mode for Processing" or something close to this. click on this.
  • There should be an option to "Install" it will then add the mode. Close this window.
  • In the previous window (this is the code editor), make sure the upper right hand corner says "Python" if not, click on "Java" and select Python.
  • Under "File" there should be an option for "Examples" click on a couple of the Python examples and see if they work. "See if they work" is outlined in the next step.
  • To test an example, expand the folder (these are categories) and then click on any of the little pieces of paper, this is the actual example. This should open a new window with the name of the example. There will be some code there. Press the triangular "play" button. This should open a new window, this is where the code is actually running.
  • This is where your experience may vary. This new window, with the code running, should appear over the code, but you may have to move the window to see the window with the code running. You might also get an error at the bottom of the code window that it "couldn't load" something.