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Fall 2022 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase ︎︎︎ (DES3090) Interactive & Experience Design

Recital 2


For this recital you have three (3) choices:
    • (option #1) ︎︎︎Do something that involves the CPX interacting with a computer or another CPX in some way. 
    • (option #2) ︎︎︎Rework a previous piece you made.
    • (option #3) ︎︎︎Work on ephemera for a show to be mounted related to work from this class. 
I might potentially tell you what to do for this, or at least strongly suggest that you do a specific thing.


    • Convey that you are taking the code we are learning in class and synthesizing and metabolizing that knowledge in a project that is closer to your own. 
    • Find an application for the existing code that you have learned, that combines and encapsulates it.
    • Understand how “following-through” on a project can improve it aesthetically and conceptually.
    • Apply your efforts in the class towards a communal application of your skills designing graphics.

Final submission

For option #1
    • An in-class display of the product of your code. 
    • Documentation of the product of your code. 
    • The final code for your project. 
    • A folder containing any sketches, process documentation, and previous code iterations.

For option #2 
    • See the submission requirements for the original project you are re-working. Submit an amended version of those requirements. (you do not have to copy files if that effects your cloud storage space)

For option #3
    • The final designs for:
      • A large format poster (at least 24 in. by 36 in. at 300dpi) in the form of a .pdf
      • Related smaller flyers (11in. by 17in. 8.5in. by 11in., or perhaps half letter at 300dpi)
      • The above submitted both physically and digitally. With at least 20 copies of the smaller ones.
      • A folder containing all sketches, iterations, research and ideation.

Requirements (for CPX + Computer)

Your project must work and at this point be more than an example that is slightly modified. If you have concerns about this please discuss it with me.

Requirements (for previous project)

Your project must be a “refactoring” of your original process. That is to say, it must reconsider the code, mechanics, and production of the original project and rework it in a substantive and demonstrable way. This is not simply, making the red lights blue or adding comments to bad code. 

Requirements (for show ephemera)

See final submissions above. These are mostly suggestions, if you want to do something novel with how you are orienting or laying out the poster, I am ready to entertain it. 

Grading Rubric

    • 50% ︎︎︎Execution of piece ︎︎︎
      This is a combination of both the craft of your code and your piece as well as whether your final piece actually functions.

Unique factors for each option

    • (option #1) ︎︎︎
      • 20% ︎︎︎ Exploration of Technology ︎︎︎ Did you try a “Gizmo” or other piece of technology? Did you try a new mathematical concept? Did you expand upon a Processing example? This needn’t be highly technical, and if even if it doesn’t ultimately work and your final project is simpler you can provide documentation of your exploration.
      • 30% ︎︎︎“Readability” of  code ︎︎︎
        This is both to say the structure of your code and how you provide clarity through structure.

    • (option #2) ︎︎︎
      • 50% ︎︎︎ Thoughtfulness of Reconsideration ︎︎︎Did you re-think your piece based on comments from your critique? Was your process more than superficial? How fundamental were your changes?

    • (option #3) ︎︎︎
      • 50% ︎︎︎Conceptual Quality ︎︎︎What is your idea for the posters and name of the show (if you suggested one)? What typographic choices choices did you make relative to that idea? What imagery was there? How did the imagery and type interrelate?


    • Your ability to plan for a technical idea if you are using code.
    • The necessity to prototype if you are using code or any electronics. 
    • Working in a group is okay and encouraged as long as you are clear about who did what.

Relevant Dates

    • 11/14/2022︎︎︎Introduction!

    • 11/21/2022 ︎︎︎ Check-in + Technical Triage
    • 12/5/2022︎︎︎Recital! Writing Assignment

    •  12/12/2022︎︎︎Re-stagings and Writing Review