Fall 2022  ︎ SUNY Purchase ︎ (DES4100) Community Design

Schedule Overview

(please note this class is the most subject to change because of the client-based nature of projects, don’t hesitate to contact me or correct me if something is amiss here. This class also might require slightly more annoying full class emails.)

Week 01 ︎08/31/2022 ︎

  • Introductions & Expectations
  • “Go around the room and say wassup?” session
  • Meeting with Jack Tamburri
    (Conservatory of Theatre Arts) @ 3:30PM
    for Project: Theatre Arts
  • Introduction to Project: VALS
  • Introduction to Project: What’s on Top of the Deck?

  • HW︎
    • Complete a version of Project: What’s on Top of the Deck?
    • Work on Project: VALS
    • Work on Project: Theatre Arts
    • Show & Tell assignment ︎︎︎Ashley, Isabela, Gisselle

      Intial Groups
    • Theatre Arts, Road
      Giselle, Ashley, Lindsay Alex Klercker

    • Theatre Arts, Fornes Festival
      Eliel, Malik, Sofi

    • VALS Group #1
      Nick, Nina, Jason, Amber

    • VALS Group #2
      Alex Schwarz, Isabela, Kassidy

Week 02 ︎ 09/07/2022 ︎

    • Show & Tell assignment ︎︎︎Sofi, Jason, Alex (Klercker)
    • Progress on direction for VALS Posters
    • Complete Road  (Theatre Arts)
    • Work on drafts for Fornes Festival(Theatre Arts)
    • Work on The Conduct of Life initial directions (Theatre Arts) 
    • Work on Serious Money initial directions (Theatre Arts)

Week 03 ︎ 09/14/2022 ︎

  • Road final due (Theatre Arts)
  • Fornes Festival drafts due (Theatre Arts) 
  • The Conduct of Life research due (Theatre Arts)
  • Serious Money research due (Theatre Arts)
  • Risograph Demo (CMFT @ 4:30)
  • Intro to What is Community? Video Series Star Trek Voyager ( “Unity”)

  • HW ︎
    • Show & Tell assignment ︎︎︎Amber, Nina, Kassidy
    • Finish work on Fornes Festival 
    • Finish drafts on The Conduct of Life 
    • Finish Drafts for Serious Money

Week 04 ︎ 09/21/2022 ︎

  • Theatre Arts Projects 
    • Serious Money (first drafts)
    • Conduct of Life (first drafts)
    • Fornes Fest (second drafts)
    • Fefu and Her Friends (introduction)
  • Introduction to Day of the Dead Project
  • VALS Review & Final Choice
  • What is Community? (Voyager) discussion(s)
  • Spiel: Getting a Job!
  • Introduction: Hard Return

Current Groups

  • Fefu and Her Friends Jason, Gisele, Lindsay, Ashley
  • Conduct of Life
    Eliel, Malik, Sofi
  • Fornes Fest
    Eliel, Malik, Sofi
  • Serious Money
    Nina, Kassidy, Isabela
  • Hard Return (Amber Hawk Swanson)
    Alex K., Eliel, Lindsay
  • IG (Design Gathering)
    Lindsay, Alex K.
  • IG(Hang in There)
    Gisele, Alex S.
  • IG(Halloween)
  • Day of the Dead(Promo)
    Nick, Eliel, Sofi
  • Day of the Dead (Altar)
    Gisele, Amber, Alex S.

Week 05 ︎ 09/28/2022 ︎

  • (Theatre) Fefu and Her Friends (research due)
  • (Theature) Fornes (final due)
  • (Theatre) Serious Money (final due)
  • (Theatre) Conduct of Life (final due)
  • IG Design Gathering (check-in)
  • IG Halloween (check-in)
  • IG Hang in There (check-in)
  • Day of the Dead project (check-in)
  • Spiel: Getting a Job
  • What is Community? Voyager discussion(s)

Other Upcoming Projects, Spiels & Viewings 

  • Instagram posts for Purchase GD IG Account
  • Poster for Upcoming Semester Events
  • VALS posters and stories
  • Work for Neuberger Performance show
  • Exhibition planning for show of unused ideas
  • Spiel: Freelance 
  • Spiel: Getting a Job
  • Spiel: Working at a Studio (colleagues & clients)