Fall 2022 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase College ︎︎︎ (DES4100) Community Design 

What is Community? Video Series:
Time to Jack


The past videos we’ve looked at a lot of things around cults which I have an interest in talking about because of their often idealistic; or seemingly idealistic origins. I wanted to end the semester on a more positive note talking about a successful community or culture. In this case I chose the origin of house music. This also might be a good contrast from our previous video about a different kind of music’s proliferation through culture. I’d recommend you watch this whole documentary but I am only assigning the first part. 

The Required Viewing(s)

(This is to be clear a four-part series. This link collects all the parts as one 2.5 hour video. I’m only asking you to ask the first part of it called “Time to Jack.” It ends around 49 minutes. Content-wise there’s some discussion of recreational drug use and sexuality in a club setting)

Consider the Following Questions

    • How does music encourage an organic culture that academia or politics do not?
    • What other cultural movements might you compare this to (especially if you have experience with them)? For example, punk, “scene,” emo, EDM, goth, etc.
    • What inflection points are similar to other videos we’ve talked about or experiences you’ve had at Purchase?
    • Does “online culture” help groups form? Does it hinder them? In what ways does it have this effect (to you) and why?

Be ready to discuss this and upload notes by 12/14