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Fall 2020  ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ (ARTS241) Design 1

Knitting Circle: Illustrator Icons


For our next project, we’ll create a personalized sigil. Not unlike a family crest. We’ll do this via Adobe Illustrator, as it will allow us to explore icons which will be visually, not dissimilar to logos.


This tutorial assumes that you know

    • The basics of open, closing and saving files in Adobe Illustrator
    • Manipulating and changing layers in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial demonstrates

    • The difference between Selection (“black arrow”) and Direct Selection (“white arrow”) Tools.
    • Using the corner rounding feature of the Direct Selection Tool.
    • Copying objects (select and ALT/OPTION while dragging)
    • Using the Align & Distribute Panel
    • Pathfinder Panel
    • Repeating transformations (Ctrl / CMD + D)
    • Reflection Tool
    • Creating Clipping Masks


    • Watch this video 
    • Attempt to follow along
    • Prepare any questions you have for next class
    • Recreate (and modify, if you want) the cheeseburger and ice cream cone icons demonstrated in the video.
    • Make three of your own icons in a similar methodology. As you might apply these to our next project, choose something that is personally significant to you. You can use color.
    • Put your icons into a folder and link to the spreadsheet in the appropriate area. Save your icons as .EPS files.

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