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Final Project:
menu re-do


For the final project, we’ll very literally apply the ideas that we’ve talked about relating to UI. This project is a great deal more structured the other ones and is meant to provide a relatively fun path to the end of class. 

My impression has been that there’s a generalized sense of ennui surrounding making things and I’m attempting to provide something that has small, relateively achievable goals and relates to the rest of the class. I’m open to alternative approaches or changing some factors for this, but let’s discuss it and come to a consensus. 


  1. Research. First find a menu system. It can be from a website, a game, or an application. It can be one you like and have just accepted, one you know you hate but have never thought about, an old version of iTunes, a new version of iTunes, Windows 95, the HUD from DOOM, etc. 

    Hopefully it goes without saying, to focus your attention. Instead of redesigning all the menus in Hearthstone, re-design the deckbuilding portion. 
  2. Analysis. Next, determine what works and does not based on the UI Principles we’ve discussed in class. Depending on your topic you might want to do some research if other people have written about your topic or a component of it. Prepare a presentation based on it. 5-6 people will present in class and the rest will receive an individualized asynchronous check-in.
  3. Prototype. Sketch out and mockup versions of your new proposed interface, it should include imagery for all button states. Create at least three different styles or options for your prototype and a working prototype of some component of it. The point is there should be a point of view of some kind. These prototypes don’t have to be final artwork, but try to create at least one image that creates a sufficcient “impression” of your direction. 

    Please note that this doesn’t necessarily have to be an improvement of the initial design you selected. It could make the HUD for DOOM all crayon drawings, iTunes with indecipherable metal band text, League of Legends’ menu system made to look like a Super Nintendo games’ option screen.
  4. Final version. Create a working, interactive version of a signifcant-enough part of the menu system to get an impression of your re-design.


  • An “analysis” presentation.
  • A selection of at least three prototypes and one working demo. 
  • A final version that is interactive in some way (an XD prototype, a repl.it page, a processing application, etc).

Relevant Dates

2020/04/09 ︎Introduction
2020/04/16 ︎ Analysis due for class
2020/04/23 ︎ Prototype due for class
2020/04/30 ︎ Final Critiques, pt. 1
2020/05/07 ︎ Final Critiques, pt. 2

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