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Final Project 


We’ve had some discussion about this already in previous classes, but here’s a more formal explication of the final project. Basically, you can continue working on your regular-ass font in a more robust manner or work on a conceptual project of a higher “freakiness quotient.”

You might for example want to create a version of Arial where the 7 is extra wide, or create afont that is difficult for computers to read, as we’ve looked at before. 

The only confusing thing possibly here is that we’ll review both this project and the “regular-ass” font during the same two sessions for however they manifest for each person.


Expand on your “regular-ass” font with another weight, a lowercase, a character set from another language or create “freaky” font.


  • .otf/.tff of your font file(s) that is shared on your online repository
  • a single “application” (poster, animation, projection, etc.)
  • depending on the “freakiness quotient” of your selected project you may need to create a short pdf or video to explain your project.
  • a single 11in.︎17in. print out showing 2 pangrams of your choice
  • a single 11in.︎17in. print out showing the complete character set.


  • 04/09/2020︎Introduction

  • 04/30/2020︎Critiques pt, 1

  • 05/07/2020︎Critiques pt, 2

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