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Regular-ass Font/typeface


We’re going to be doing calligraphy in tandem with this project as part of a more formal exploration of historical and mechanical influences on the design of type. Regular-ass is not meant to be a perjorative, just a slightly less boring name for the project that implies it will be critiqued on a more formal axis. 


Create (at least) one case for a font, featuring (at minimum) the Latin alphabet.


  • Reflect that you are/have been paying attention to the formal and technical components necessary for type design and that you can (potentially) apply our calligraphic explorations.
  • Gain greater familiarity with critiquing, discussing, and observing type.
  • Provide an in-progress iteration of what your final project can be. 
  • Give you the “freedom” to do something “freaky” (in this case meant to imply conceptually motivated at the expense of form, readability, or reliance on written language) for your final project. 


  • .otf/.tff of your font file(s) that is shared on your online repository
  • a single “application” (poster, animation, projection, etc.)
  • a single 11in.︎17in. print out showing 2 pangrams of your choice
  • a single 11in.︎17in. print out showing the complete character set.


  • 03/05/2020︎Introduction

  • 04/30/2020︎Critiques pt, 1

  • 05/07/2020︎Critiques pt, 2


  • Completeness ︎Although you should aim to make your application appear as resolved as possible, don’t feel you need to have a complete typeface in 4 weeks.
  • Time︎This is meant for a number of reasons. Firstly, this project intersects with when Senior Projects may start to get hairy. The critique date is also forced a little bit because of the break. It’s also meant to apply to the idea that you have to sustain small amounts of effort over a given time. 
  • Form as a function of freakiness︎We’ll be doing this in tandem with more “traditional” calligraphy, but doesn’t hesitate to do some carefully explored bubble letters, some reverse stress type thing, or other alternative forms.
  • Paths of acceptable resistance︎There’s nothing wrong with taking your calligraphy, scanning it and expanding from there. 

“No Shuriken Mode” Suggestions

(the basic point here is “add more stuff” but also every bullet here has a parenthetical “or start”)
  • Create a cohesive and considered upper and lower case
  • Add punctuation.
  • Create an italic/slanted/oblique version
  • Add alternative weights (lighter/heavier, etc)
  • Add diacritics (é, è, ë, ę, ē, etc.)
  • Add ligatures (ff,fl, etc.)
  • Add another character set (Cyrillic, Honguel, etc)

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