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CUNY Queens︎ (ARTS241) Design 1

Final Project


The final project can be one of two directions: an animation, or a zine. These are both basically a more involved extension of the second project and the third project. These are meant to be a more individualized expression of your aesthetic interests and design concerns. This will not have a greater weight in terms of grading, but will be evaluated with a higher degree of scrutiny both in therms of adherence to or breaking “conventions” and technical facility. 

Requirements ︎ Zine

  • Your document must be designed with printing in mind, in terms of page number and page locations (the amount of pages is a multiple of 4, your odd pages are on the right side, etc.)
  • Your document must have a central focus or theme. This can be more like a traditional magazine (i.e. food, music, pets, etc.) or a specific visual and writing focus (your cat, your partner, the lyrics to a specific song).
  • Your document must have at least 24 pages.
  • The page size for your document must be, at minimum, 5.5in by 8.5in (letter paper folded in half).
  • You must explore a combination of treated and intervened upon imagery and type. Simple Google images will not be suitable for this project. 
  • There must be some combination of display text and “body copy” (longer typeset volumes of text).

Requirements ︎ Animation

  • Your animation must be 1 minute long. 
  • Your animation must feature a combination of “sound design” (incidental sound effects) and background music. Timing of the visual action and background music must be considered.
  • Your animation must feature at least 3 scenes that transition into one another. Your animation should not feature one static background. 
  • You must select a central theme or narrative to explore. This could be the implied journey of a central character or object, or a focus like cellphones, roadside attractions, or Drake lyrics.

Please note that if you have an idea that violates these requirements (for example a 100-page zine but with smaller dimensions) you are probably open to exploring it but please contact me first.

Relevant Dates

04/14/2020 ︎ Introduction

04/14/2020 ︎ Updates 

(You must provide 3 possibilities for a direction, theme, or focus for your piece. We’ll also look at some zines in class and explore some design directions and techniques for both versions)

04/28/2020 ︎Check-ins

(You must have started some iteration of your project by this point, have some amount of your layout or an animatic with at least one scene complete in a close to finalized state. More techniques and possible directions will be reviewed in class)

05/05/2020 ︎Check-ins

(Your project should be close to complete at this point, we’ll review the state of a small subset of projects and review more options to think about for technique and aesthetic exploration)

05/12/2020 ︎ Projects Due

(Projects must be submitted via Google Classroom)

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