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SUNY Purchase ︎ (DES3240) Design Issues

Manifesting a Manifesto


Do one of the following
  • write a new manifesto
  • rewrite or reframe an existing manifesto
  • redesign an existing manifesto
  • write something longer that examines the idea of a manifesto


The urgency and immediacy of a manifesto is something that is neither good nor bad, simply a quality. How can we explore this urgency through making an actual manifesto? Is this urgency “dated”? Interesting? How do the forms change the message


  • Your project must contain some amount of text that is designed & typeset (typically manifestos, at the very least, are about 1 page).
  • Printing is less important but you must upload your project to your online repository.
  • The actual form is less important, but consider a .pdf, a presentation, a video/animation. 

No Shuriken Mode Challenges

  • Send your project to everyone via snail mail. 
  • Perform your manifesto in some way (read it aloud, hire an actor to read it, record a computer robot reading it).
  • Record yourself on instagram live handing out pamphlets with your manifesto (created or redesigned)


The reality of coronavirus︎Printing is less of an issue for this but think of how your project might benefit from this in the form it takes. How does the form of a kinetic typography lyric video change the Unabomber Manifesto?

How can you “optimize” the efficacy of the design of a given manifesto through the power of graphics? ︎ How can you use hierarchy, type, composition and other tools to help amplify or attenuate the message of a given manifesto.

How does your design reflect your viewpoint?︎Similar to the above points but if you for example, vehemently disagree with the points of a given manifesto how might you make it illegible? Censor it? 

Relevant Dates (3 weeks)

03/11/2020 ︎ Introduction!

03/25/2020 ︎

In-class check-in on project status. 

04/01/2020 ︎ Critique!


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