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SUNY Purchase ︎ (DES3240) Design Issues


Spreadsheet for Ruined by Design Payments︎

Spreadsheet with Response Statuses︎

/   ︎Response in progress
︎︎Response complete

Spreadsheet for Links to Online Repositories︎

  • Link to a Google Drive folder (or similar repository, i.e. DropBox) 
  • Have separate folders that are clearly labeled (“Response 1”, “Response 2”, “License to Ill(ustrate)”, etc.)
  • In each response folder, put a .pdf of your response, and a .docx, .rtf, .txt or related copypasta-able mostly text file.
  • Name your files like this
    [Your last name][Your first name]_DES3240_[desciption of what the file is in camel case].pdf

    So if I was doing a response for Decolonizing Design I would name the files:  SantiagoBenjamin_DES3240_DecolonizingDesign.pdf
  • Please include a scan or photo or video documentation of any other work for other projects in the class. 
  • In the event you are uploading a group of pictures of a project, name the folder in  a similar way described above.
  • Let me know if there are any edge cases we aren’t thinking of. 

Invite for Class Slack channel︎

I have this on my phone. Hopefully you’re not too inundated with Slack channels ︎. However, we’ll need to do this to help accelerate reviewing materials, as well as sharing stuff occasionally. 

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