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Spring 2024 ︎︎︎ Purchase College, SUNY ︎︎︎DES2460


Diagnostic Animation

A nerdy elderly doctor attempting to diagnose a 90's computer (CRT monitor, tower) with a stethoscope. In a colorful room. In the style of a German Expressionist film like the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


We’re going to moving on from After Effects temporarily and going forth with Web scripting (HTML + CSS). In order to facilitate this shift, I am going to ask you to do a “diagnostic” animation. The point of this is to effectively prove you are paying attention and demonstrate, very clearly, the basic skills you’ll need to work with After Effects. 

Think of this like an open book test that you can also ask me questions about. The word “test” is loaded, but you are totally allowed to ask me questions if you don’t fully understand how to do something.

You are only required to satisfy the below conditions. That being said, you can also use this as an opportunity to make a fun little animation that technically satisfies the below conditions, but explores a more advanced tool that you may not have experienced or played with yet.


(below I’ve linked  to a page on the website where you can basically find out how to do the thing I’m asking for)
  • Create a Shape Layer of an arbitrary shape. Not a rectangle, ellipse or polygon. This could be as complex as a humanoid character (composed of many smaller shapes) or as simple as a “blob”.
  • That Shape Layer moving on screen to two different locations. This could be as simple as the blob moving to the upper right corner of the screen and then back to its original location, or as complex as a humanoid character walking.
  • At least on other object moving along with the Shape Layer mentioned above. These should be parented. These other objects could be anything, a shape layer, a jpeg, etc.
  • The objects above should transform in some way on their own (position, scale, transparency, rotation). This could be as simple as a circle that moves along with a blob
  • Text that appears and then leaves the screen somehow (moves off screen, becomes very small, the opacity goes to 0%,etc.)
  • An effect applied to some aspect of the visuals on screen (this should be an effect from the list linked here, this is stuff like blur, turbulent displace, etc).
  • A sound that plays in the background.

Final Deliverable 

  • An .mp4 file (1920px by 1080px or “1080p”) with the qualities and features demonstrated above. 
  • This should more than likely be ~10 seconds. Certainly it can be less, please give time for each factor above to be digested visually. 

Relevant Dates

  • Introduction - 02/29/2024

  • Due (uploaded and rendered in folder) - 03/13/2024