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Spring 2024 ︎︎︎ Purchase College, SUNY ︎︎︎DES2460

Written Reflection

rendering of “a particle accelerator with purple glowing plasma” from RunwayML


Above is an artistic rendering of a particle accelerator, this is a device that theoretical physicists use to understand things like, the beginning of the universe. This involves moving particles and having them crash into each other to simulate conditions from the beginning of the universe, and then carefully observing the reactions. In effect, they are trying to take the moment of the beginning of the universe, and carefully stretch it out to understand what happened, and how their theories relate to reality. I encourage you to think about critique and talking about work in the same way. Think about

The work + your percetion
︎︎︎ reaction that is produced

Try to carefully understand your reactions:
    • Do you wince? Do you smile? 
    • What did you want the reaction to be in class? How was it different? How was it the same?
    • Is that reaction different for other people’s work? 
    • Why or why not? 

After Effects is potentially and probably a completely new tool to you. As such it may present new reactions and feeling for you as a maker. We will take this opportunity for you to organize your thoughts on the first project as well your feelings on After Effects, motion graphics, and the whole process of the first project as a whole.

Requirements + Deliverable

  • A 500-word piece of writing,which may reflect on but is not limited to) the following:
    • Your reactions to, and thoughts on, your own project
    • Your thoughts on the process involved.
    • Those reactions in relation to other work in the class and feedback you received.
    • Other work your piece reminds you of or other work you’d like to emulate and what you might need to understand to do that.
  • A designed + typeset .PDF or documentation of your writing
    (At minimum, this should be a 5.5” by 8.5” or “half-letter” booklet, as we went through with Celeste several weeks ago)
  • This .PDF should be printed with at least 4 copies for class (1 for you, 1 for me, 2 to pass around) for extra credit you may print one for the entire class.