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SUNY Purchase ︎(DES3440) Typographic Investigations

Somethin’ to Ponder: Applications

So I just wanted to keep this page here as a way to share some thoughts on different applications.

Maybe you’re not sure what to do for a given project, maybe you want to try something new, we’ll probably inevitably have a conversation that involves malaise surrounding posters and book(let)s.

The overacrching thing is that different methodologies have different considerations. Additionally, even if you’re not doing any of the actual methods shown below, they present different approaches that might provide a starting point for something you’re working on digitally or dictate some of the formal limitations for your work.

I’ll be adding to these throughout the semester and will probably bring up interesting examples in class. 

Thermoplastic Paint

Vacuform Signage

Animated (After Effects) “Typefaces”

You can use a tool like Font Manager in order to quickly set these. I don’t know how much you get or how long you can use the free version of the plug-in but once you have a “typeface” you can add kerning and leading. 

Generative/Programmatic Typography


Big Brush Calligraphy


Obvious legal concerns here, but wanted to leave this example here, I saw these a bunch when I was in Berlin, and I really like the relationship of the glyphs to the body (draw a character about as wide as a body can reach, move over, draw a new character about as wide as a body can reach). 

CNC Signage

Stone Carving

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