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Spring 2021 ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎ (ARTS395) Senior Capstone

Who is your audience?


With a larger project that is partially at your discretion, one of the things that can help keep things on target and keep you accountable for your choices is to determine an audience and use that to focus your outcomes.

There’s not really a science to this, again this is mainly to keep things “honest” so to speak and you really need to not think about your project in a vacuum.

Extra credit opportunity / exercise.

All the above being said, if you’re lookin’ for extra credit or want to design some stuff, draw, or use a tool like Flash Face︎ or meticulously refresh This Person Does Not Exist︎ until you get something that looks like a person you could envision using or enjoying the product, service, or object you create. Output that image as a .PDF. You’re obviously also welcome to do something else creative with this like, create a “trading card” of this hypothetical person, a fake facebook profile, etc.

For next week (02/24/2021)

    • Continuation from generating Senior Project ideas
      • Receive feedback on your previous proposals for your Senior Project (from me).
      • Whittle down your choices to your Top 3 that you’d potentially be ready to commit to.

    • Determine the audience for your project (Answer all of these questions/prompts in clear sentences, also avoid writing “anyone” for these questions, genuinely try to think about it.)
      • What is the demographic? 
        • What age range are they?
        • Gender identification?
        • Ethnicity?
        • What is their income level?
      • What is your intention?
        • Is this a project (ie an art project or a product) for the general public?
        • Is this a project you want to use to “go viral”?
        • Is a project you want to use to get jobs?
      • Think of three people who you would want to show your project to. (industry leaders, creative directors, podcast hosts, celebrities, bon vivants, influencers, deities, anyone living or dead or immortal, this is an exercise. That being said if your goal is to get a job from this project I would encourage you to think of industry leaders or luminaries).

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