Spring 2021 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase︎(DES3240)Design Issues

Ruined by Design: How to build an atomic bomb

Let’s watch this

Questions to think about as you’re watching this

(think of most of these questions followed by “but y tho?”)
    • How ‘bout them title cards?
    • What did you agree with?
    • What did you feel confused about?
    • What did you vehemently disagree with?
    • Is it reductive to think about design in such an expansive way (equating graphic designers, developers, and budget planners for example?)
    • Is he “preaching to the choir”? Does this matter? 
    • (This was before Trump got banned obvi) Should Twitter be allowed to ban Donald Trump? 

Further reading/viewing

Things we talked about in class

  • The personal responsibility of recycling vs a corporation’s ability to change how they make their products. I just wrote the word “recycling” not sure if I meant something else by this.
  • L7 having women at the front of their shows (In relation to Mike Monteiro asking “women” to come up and get free copies of his code of ethics for design)
  • Jeb Bush, “please clap” clip︎ (in relation to Mike Monteiro basically asking for laughs and applause)
  • Neanderthal DNA as a “genetic” defect︎ (forgot why this came up but I think we were talking about white privilege)
  • Ecosia︎ (We were talking about alternatives to Google and Bing)
  • Microsoft’s racists AI bot︎(I think we were talking about this in relationship to “removing” racism from services like Twitter)

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