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Spring 2022 ︎ SUNY Purchase College︎ (DES3800) Design for Web & Screens

Project:adobe xd recital

Background & Objectives

This project is to make sure that everyone understands Adobe XD in the case that you aren’t including it in your final project. It is also so that you can think about conventions of web design in terms of type size, composition, structure etc. What you’ll do is pick a basic template and then create a series of pages around that.

Final Submission

    • Links to your prototype flows (see below)
    • A screen recording of your prototype (you can record this in XD)


  • Pick one of the following templates:
    • A web shop (desktop & mobile app flows) which includes:
      • A landing/home page
      • A page showing one type of product
      • A page showing another type of product
      • A single product page
      • A cart with several items
    • A social media website (desktop & mobile app flows) which includes:
      • A landing page for users who are not logged in
      • A home page showing the feed of a logged in user
      • A single post
      • A user’s profile page
      • A post as created by a user
      • Must include both desktop and mobile app flows (links separate for each)

  • All pages must flow as smoothly as possible into each other (ie not fading into one another)
  • Must have several examples of animated components or auto-animated transition, this could include but is not limited to:
    • A retracting overlay menu
    • A switch for a setting on a profile page
    • An animated like/love or other reaction button
    • A horizontal menu of products


    • Other XD Features ︎︎︎ Use the audio features in XD for example


    • 40% ︎︎︎Overall Design
      (Quality of general design principles like consistency of spacing, type sizing, type pairing, color choices, etc.)
    • 60% ︎︎︎ Use of Adobe XD or similar software
      (Clarity of design choices, use of overlays, components, auto-animations and other transitions)

Relevant Dates

    • 04/18/2022 ︎︎︎ Progress Check-in & Booklet Workshop (for Review Writing

    • 04/25/2022 ︎︎︎ Final Recital

    • 05/02/2022 ︎︎︎ Review Writing

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