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Spring 2022 ︎ SUNY Purchase College︎ (DES3800) Design for Web & Screens

Project: Connection


The idea for this project is to create an app, website, game or interactive experience that creates connections. It can be connections between stray cats and potential new owners, lovers seeking love, people with webcams looking to conference, robots looking for other robots (in a more narratively intense version), etc. 


    • Give you more time to robustly conduct all points in the process (ideation, research, prototyping, presentation)
    • Think about the current state of apps and social media (Zoom, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) and what might work within that dynamic.
    • Improve skills with prototyping.

Final Submission

    • A working prototype or demonstration made in Adobe XD or similar (Figma, Sketch), a series of videos made in something like Adobe After Effects that demonstrates a significant portion of your expetience (home page, commenting, messaging, uploading content for example in a more generic example.
    • A final pitch in which you provide an explanation for the kinds of connection your experience provides, a comparison of how it is both unique and similar to other experiences, and a walkthrough of the experience for a given user or users.
    • A folder containing
      • all research for the project (links to and copies of articles, transcripts/recordings of interviews/emails)
      • any sketches/previous iterations

No Shuriken Mode Challenges

(Please note that, doing these do not guarantee a better grade or extra credit by any fixed or demonstrable amount, but if you’re doing or approaching these things, you’re probably doing well. The point is that, like not using shurikens in Shadow Dancer, it is more difficult, and increases your proximity to the material. All this being said don’t hurt  yourself and consider your other assignments and mental and physical health. Additionally, if you are not feeling challenged by the class or an assignment, and these suggestions are not sufficient for you, please le me know.)
    • Work with someone in New Media to produce a working prototype, or provide a virtual experience through something like Unity
    • Hire someone on Fiverr to do the voice over for a pitch for you
    • Create a movie-style trailer for your experience.


    • What are you lacking in your social media/everyday experiences? ︎Look at something substantive apps are missing, or how you feel about those experiences and how those could form a new app or website.
    • It does not need to be “real” ︎ If you want to make an app for Game of Thrones characters to meet and hook up, a time travelling app, etc. These are fine, but take them seriously and be ready for questions. 
    • What are you into? ︎leverage your interests as a place to start if you’re not sure where to go. Anime? A specific game? 

Grading Rubric 

A note that all intermediary steps are to be submitted as separate pass/fail assignments.
    • 30% ︎︎︎Your pitch

    • 30% ︎︎︎Your research 

    • 40% ︎︎︎Your prototype 


Relevant Dates

    • 2022/03/07 ︎Introduction!

    • (2022/03/14 ︎initial ideas due to folder)

    • 2022/03/21 ︎
      Discussions of current state of research

    • (2022/03/28 ︎initial sketches & research due to folder) 

    • 2022/04/04︎
      Presentations of current prototypes/wireframes, updates on research

    • (2022/04/04 ︎ all current prototypes/wireframes due to folder)

    • 2022/05/02 ︎ Final pitches, pt.1

    • 2022/05/09 ︎Final pitches, pt.2

    • 2022/05/16 ︎Reviews, reflections, resubmissions

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