Spring 2022 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase College ︎︎︎ (DES3800) Design for Web & Screens

The Library of BabEL


The Library of Babel, is a short story about an infinite-ish hypothetical library of interconnected hexagonal rooms. It is by Jorge Luis Borges. Many of his stories about these kind of “thought experiment” short stories about the idea of the infinite. I’m presenting this story as a reading to think about how it is and isn’t like the internet or your experience of “interconnected-ness” via the ubiquity of the internet. 

What you have to read

Library of Babel .PDF︎
(This is a .PDF where the text is about 7 (seven) pages from a half-letter-sized book)

Other ways to consume it

Contextualizing information

Questions and ideas to think about

    • What were your thoughts on the reading? If your reaction was simply it was “confusing” consider reading it again, reading a summary and then reading it again, or something like this and then reevaluating your thoughts.
    • How is the library like the internet? How is it not?
    • What does the infinite “mean”? Is knowledge truly limited? Can the library actually exist? 

Relevant Dates

    • Introduction ︎︎︎ 04/04/2022

    • Discussion     ︎︎︎04/18/2022

      (notes must be uploaded to the spreadsheet by this day)