Spring 2022 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase College ︎︎︎ (DES4100) Community Design 

MFA Catalog Project

Current Relevant Dates

(please note schedule is still being finalized here, subject to change)
    • 02/15/2022 ︎︎︎

      Discuss initial directions with each group for what will essentially become the cover. And type directions for the interior layouts.
    • 02/22/2022 ︎︎︎

      Follow-up on updates to directions with each group. Decide groups for presentation.
    • 03/01/2022 ︎︎︎

      Presentations to MFA students on directions of work
    • 03/08/2022 ︎︎︎

      Meeting with MFA students on current state of directions
    • 03/24/2022 ︎︎︎

      Final edits due (for printing)


    • Deliverables will include
      • The general visual direction and stylization
      • The layout of the catalog itself
      • The visual direction applied to:
        • a digital image for broadcast on social media and email
        • postcard
        • (vinyl) wall text