Spring 2023 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase︎(DES4100)Community Design

What is Community:
Ruined by Design


For this video, we’ll look at something directly tied to design. This has several implications related to community. Those being, among others, what happens when apps try to connect people at the expense of their privacy? Is a white cis-het dude the best messenger for the content that Mike talks about? Does that matter if the message is important enough? Are graphic designers part of the expansive community that includes developers in this case? Are graphic designers still complicit here? What is a “public forum” and who can speak there? What can they say and how, if at all, should they be restricted?

Required Viewing

Questions to think about as you’re watching this

(think of most of these questions followed by “but y tho?”)
    • How ‘bout them title cards?
    • What did you agree with?
    • What did you feel confused about?
    • What did you vehemently disagree with?
    • Is it reductive to think about design in such an expansive way (equating graphic designers, developers, and budget planners for example?)
    • Is he “preaching to the choir”? Does this matter?

Further reading/viewing

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