Spring 2023 ︎︎︎ SUNY Purchase College ︎︎︎ (DES4100) Community Design 

What is Community? Video series Star Trek: Voyager “Unity”


This is our first viewing in the video series! Please watch it, take it seriously (whether you enjoy it or not) and be prepared to have an active and engaged discussion about the episode. 

Star Trek: Voyager, “Unity” S03, E17 (1997)

This is an episode that involves the Borg. You might need some background for what the Borg are. Here is a ~5 minute synopsis.

This, maybe, kinda, spoils some of other Star Trek episodes/movies but I’m not expecting you to watch 5/6 hours of “the good stuff” in preparation for this class.

You can watch this on Paramount+ but I will provide a link to watch it via another site (this will be provided by email)

Questions to Think About for Discussion

    • What are the different groups present how do they interact and overlap?
    • Do you identify with any of the characters or groups? 
    • If “absolutely no” to the previous question, what alienates you from these groups? 
    • What does it mean to turn something negative like the Borg into something potentially positive (healing)?
    • Does the use of tropes like romance detract from or positively influence your perception of the communities shown herein?

To be clear, what are notes?

    • It is fine to use the questions above as a starting point, but please do not solely answer questions. 
    • Expand upon your thoughts, try to think as you end a sentence, “why?” Your reactions and feelings are important, but try to think about their genesis. It is not important whether they are positive or negative.
    • Write in complete, full sentences that give context to your thoughts. Take those thoughts and place them into paragraphs that help flesh out what you are thinking, and provide a clear “path” for your thoughts. 

Watch the video, take clear notes, and upload them by 02/07