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Hustle Culture / Workaholism


This is a pretty half-baked page. This was one of the topics I wanted to do when I was intitially planning the semester, however as we shifted to the ‘rona incarnation of the universe it seemed less relevant. I think potentially it is more relevant now, with the ways in which the economy can potentially fallout during this time.

Also Psych IRL (a YouTube channel I highly recommend) did a video on Gary V so it has been back in the forefront of my mind. 

I should have prepared some more academic writing, or tried to balance the videos with writing, but I think it is important to see people like Gary V moving around and talking, and see how they utilize space and effect their audience. I disagree pretty heartily with parts of Gary V’s philosophical project, but I think he’s super charismatic, for what that’s worth.

Content to view

Questions to think about

  • How does the relationship between hustle culture and workaholism and burn out play out in other industries like programming/video games, or with sites and services like Fiverr, Uber, TaskRabbit, Fresh Direct?
  • How much do you “believe” in hustle culture, even if it you find it to be a toxic notion?
  • Are the tenants associated with “hustling” ever productive?
  • Is the use of the term “hustling” appropriative when it makes its way to to the universe of Sillicon Valley and startups?
  • Are you seeing the economic effects of corona as they relate to burn out and hustle culture in your life currently? In what ways?

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