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These are the Days


Coincidentally, I scheduled the last section of Mike Monteiro’s book You Can’t Go It Alone for this week. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with reading this section of the book and if you want to do a response to it; love ya and appreciate ya! However, I think an unusual time necessitates an unusual reading and response. 

Some things I’ve been reading/ viewing/ thinking about

I went to Walgreens and stared at an empty aisle of toilet paper and 10,000 Maniacs’ These are the Days came on the radio. 

I got an award (which involved money, a studio and pay for travel) for work I made that was “good” in grad school, one of the best pieces of advices I ever got was to not make “good” work, and not feel pressure to do so. Start by making stuff. 

This quote from the composer Arnold Schoenberg “I am being forced in this direction by an inner compulsion that is stronger than any upbringing”

The book Making & Being. I have a physical copy, but it’s all available online.

So what’s the assignment?

Partially because of the math, I’m asking everyone to do a response this week. But as I’ve said repeatedly this is not a writing class. To that end, just make some stuff in response to this time and how it plays out for you. Journal, write freely, take photographs, do an instagram live (screen record it if you can), draw, design, make a font.

Post or link to it on the Slack channel for the class. To that end, make sure you’re on the it. Here’s the invite link (also on the resources page)︎

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