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Fall 2020 ︎︎︎ CUNY Queens College ︎︎︎(ARTS241) Design 1

Sigil Progress Feedback


Here’s some generalized feedback based on what I’m seeing in the folders. 

You should be in Illustrator by now

It looks like most people are but if you are not start immediately. This week should ideally be cleaning up your paths and tightening up y our work.

Name files or folders properly

Please refer to the resources page for how to name files. The point is to please name your files or the containing folders such that if I download the files I can see who made the work and for what class. 

Even out line weight and spacing

When you make a line or a shape in Illustrator, you are creating a world, or a system of shapes that are inter-related. It is important to think about these relationships as you make your marks and icons.
Observe the examples below and see how even if they are simple icons, or more complex icons, thin or thick lines, the line weight is even, if there are thick and thin marks, or blocks of color they are relatively even. 

Draw Better Paths

Once you have a grasp of how to generally work in Illustrator, you should work on increasing your proficiency and ability to work with Bezier curves. The example below gives a good example of how to sketch out and tweak the curves in a lowercase b. 

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