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Crystal Goblet Response booklet


So if you’re here, you’ve hopefully read The Crystal Goblet, because it is required︎ Hopefully you also have an opinion on it. The goal now is to express your opinion through your design. Do you full agree with it? Use some revival of Garamond that Beatrice Warde was into. Have you just read Grid Systems by Joseph Mueller-Brockmann and want to show the relationship between his work and philosophy and Warde’s essay? Use a version of Akzidenz-Grotesk for the body text. Absolutely hate the essay? Use Comic Sans.


Determine your opinion on the essay and typeset the text from the essay as a response to it. 


  • A booklet created in Adobe InDesign and exported as a .pdf 
  • The pages for the booklet must be 8.5 ︎5.5 in.
    (one letter size piece of paper folded in half) 
  • You must upload your .pdf to the Google Classroom before the due date.
  • Incorporate the entire text of The Crystal Goblet. 
  • Include a (designed) cover page
  • Include page numbers 
  • Include other “typographic situations” (we’ll go over this in more detail if necessary). But you’ll need something like call outs (a quote that is larger than the body text), headers or subtitles, text around pictures. 

No Shuriken Mode Challenges

Relevant Dates

03/24/2020 ︎ Introduction

Project Introduction

03/27/2020 ︎Tutorials

Videos uploaded with instructions for typesetting, page numbers, choosing typefaces

03/31/2020 ︎ Homework

  • Create a response to the current situation, its fallout for you, or how it is changing your relationship to making, your life, your family, etc.
  • The content should be either type, or type & imagery; imagery only is not allowed. The writing can be your own journaling, the content of a sourced article.
  • Ideally, the project should be a way to get familiar with finer typesetting in InDesign (for which I will provide tutorials), so I would recommend doing a booklet and submitting a .pdf; however the world is in an usual state, so I'm allowing you to submit a design that is a meme (of your own design).

04/07/2020︎Quiz & Schedule Check-in

  • Complete the quiz related to the tutorials & reading
  • Before this date, you must schedule an individual check-in to go over your progress and work through any issues/concerns/feedback regarding the tutorials and the essay.


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