This website follows the pedagogical explorations of Benjamin Santiago.

I am currently an Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase & Adjunct Assistant Professor at CUNY Queens in their respective Graphic Design departments.


SUNY Purchase

Interactive & Experience Design

DES3090 ︎︎︎ CRN: 43429
THU., 2:30PM - 6:20PM

Community Design

DES4100 ︎︎︎ CRN: 45257
WED., 3:00PM - 6:50PM

Senior Project I

DES4990 ︎︎︎ CRN: 47320
(weekly meetings; times variable)


CUNY Queens

Design 1

DESN241-03 (45949)
TUE., 6:00PM - 9:50PM

Contacting Me

The Purchase email is for Purchase students obvi. I will see either on my phone. If you don’t get a response within 24 hrs., or need a follow-up that wasn’t answered please do not hesitate (at all) to follow-up and make sure you get what information or feedback that you need.  Please CC both emails if there is any urgency on your end as there are occasionally IT-related issues to Purchase email. 

︎(516) 592-1375You can text or call me directly; please give me a heads up or let me know who you are if I don’t have your number. I will generally pick up unless your number is from Lithuania or something.
︎ (Office hours)
Open Office Ours”︎︎︎ Tues. (3PM - 5PM) You should have the Zoom information for this sent to you. I will open a Zoom for 2 hours on these days and just be around unless otherwise specified. If you are at Purchase and want to meet up IRL I will more than likely be in my office 2025 in the VA before and after classes for a bit.